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Maureen Corbett CPA’s services are fast, affordable and convenient. She is here to help clients in Haverhill Massachusetts and the surrounding area. A reality of business is; the company with the latest technical and networked systems can serve you best. That’s where we come in.

We’ve developed online financial systems and data mining platforms to help us complete your tax work quick. We are a reliable, experienced and reputable option.

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Your initial consultation is free. Contact forms are responded to within 24 hours and calls, when not answered, within 30 minutes. You are no longer just a number in a file. We serve clients online with ease. We have spent years as accountants developing data programs and processes to make your service fast and hassle-free.

We are simply your best solution

Our firms have identified as “best in class” when it comes to the elite variety of offerings provided. We are a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). These credentials ensure you will receive high skilled, qualified services. Here are a few of the services you can receive top level skill in.

Tax Preparation

When it comes to tax preparation there is no equal. We prep tax forms and provide e-filing for individuals and businesses. Including Partnerships, S and C Corporations, Non-profits as well as trusts and estates. Our tax preparation pricing is uniquely designed to fit your budget.

Audit and Financial Statement Review

We have performed audits and financial statement review in various areas. Including construction, Non-profit, retail and more. Our focus is on the client need. You will never be charged for unnecessary services, and we tailor your review or auditing to very specific requirements.

Our network is linked with Drobox, QuickBooks Online, Adobe Web and more. The empirical evidence shows that a basic and fundamental part of serving clients is efficient tech systems.

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If you are staying in the area try the Hampton Inn Haverhill, “a special heartfelt thank you to Elias and Bhaskar!!!! i left my personal belongings in my room and they assisted to ensure they were returned to me sans damage! VERY appreciative!”

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